Sex with the Devil

Hot phonesexI love Halloween!

It is like the one day that you are allowed to show your alter ego, be as bad as you want, and then the next day, we put our slutty costumes away and we all go back to normal for another year.

Trashy whores with no imagination dress as slutty cheerleaders or maids or something that screams fuck me.

I am not so simple. You wont see what I am until it’s too late.

I silently walk the streets in my dark hooded cloak, keeping my face hidden until I find what I am looking for.

I pass innocent brats begging for candy and slutty nurses teasing old men’s cocks.

I am hunting for you and I know I am getting closer because my pussy is starting to twitch! Then there you are, right in front of me!

I look up at you letting the moonlight barely highlight my face. For a split second, our eyes meet and then I look down and quickly turn a walk away.

You are following me but you don’t know why. I seem to be going faster and you have to quicken your pace to keep up!

I seem to be gliding without taking any steps at all and you are running after me.

I have led you into the woods and it is completely dark with only the moonlight peeking through the trees.

You have lost me and start searching frantically for a way out when you fall face down in the brush.

You feel something, a presence. You are afraid to look but something compels you to turn over and face up.

Your heart is pounding and you are trembling but it is not fear….

You turn over and you see me floating above you as the moonlight makes my perfect naked body glow like white silver.Kinky phone sex

Your virgin cock stands straight up and is drawn to me like a magnet.

Suddenly your thick hard dick is surrounded by my warm wet pussy. You can feel your cock being consumed by my tight cunt and it feels like I am fucking you harder and faster than any bad girl ever could but as you watch me, eyes wide open, you see I am not moving at all. My cunt seems to need something from you, something that belongs to you. My eyes stare deep inside you as my pussy begs for your cum!

Suddenly the hold intensifies as my strong cunt squeezes your virgin juices out, sucking them deep into her and draining the life out of your balls!

A sudden flash and I am gone. Your naked body, once float in ecstasy, hits the cold hard ground with a thud. You aren’t sure what just happened but you know you need to get the hell out of there! You quickly get dressed and start to walk out noticing that somehow the air is filled with a seductive sweet scent and the wind warmly glides over your skin as you swear you hear a woman’s voice whispering…..there is no escape. You belong to me!

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