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My school was having a bake sale to raise money. All of the school clubs were urged to attend the bake sale and raise as much money as they could, whichever team raised the most money for the school won a free trip to a theme park over the weekend. Shilling cookies and lemon squares is a shit way to make money if you ask me. So instead of spending hours in the kitchen baking, me and the other cheerleaders on the team decided to come up with our own way to make some money. We decided to sell our panties! I’m a perfectionist and I don’t half ass anything I do. We took sexy pics modeling the panties and posted the ads online. I made sure each girl wore each pair of panties for at least a full day and then spent several times masturbating through their panties and getting the crotch soaking wet. I wanted my buyer to get panties that had that yummy teen girl pussy smell. We took each pair and vacuum sealed them before shipping them out. Needless to say, men want to buy wet panties from teen girls way more than they want to buy brownies and cookies.


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