Santa Brought Me A New Fuck Toy!

Phone Sex PornI woke up yesterday to a big surprise under the tree; a new six speed vibrator for my cum thirsty pussy! I had been hoping for a new vibrator because my only fuck toy had broken last week while I was using it and my twat had been throbbing in need. A nymphomaniac like me needs to be able to cum whenever my pussy starts to ache and beg for cock, otherwise I could end up fucking strangers all day long trying to fill my pussy with cum. Yes, a good fuck toy is all I need to keep my addiction at bay, so I asked Santa for a pretty pink vibrator with lots of settings for me to play with! On Christmas day I woke up and found my wishes had come true, right there was my new toy with all the bells and whistles I could imagine! I spent all day watching filthy orgy porn and squirting all over my new vibrating dildo!

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