Run That Train On Me

Kinky Phone SexAs an older gal I like to try new and nasty things. Last week I decided it was time for my hot juicy pussy to be used and abused so I set up a train through Craig’s List. And by train, I mean a complete gangbang of men to line up and fuck me one right after the other. It was marvelous. Before it began, I took a few shots, did a line and smoked a big fatty. Then I undressed and waited. Soon the line formed, and I spread my legs to take those big thick cocks. Of course, no condoms were required as I was wanted to feel each and everyone of them squirt their load inside me. After each one I could feel the cum dripping out of my creampie pussy. And when it was time to give my pussy a break I rolled over, slid down the bed and pulled apart my ass cheeks to begin getting ass fucked. This went on for hours and I have never felt sluttier and dirtier and I loved it. I had it all video taped so I can go back and watch it while I lay on the bed and stroke my hard clit.

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