Riding Bitch…

tight shaved pussySome men just need a tight shaved pussy riding them. I personally love riding bitch on a nice big throbbing cock and being the sexy milf who milks your cock from riding you. Slap my tits and pinch my nipples until I almost cry. I fucking love being your pain whore as you slap my face and tell me to fuck you harder. Mommies pussy is for fucking and fucking hard. And my sexy Dom men know how to use me and hurt me so good. My only desire is to make you happy, and if that means taking this slick cunt and riding you until I get all that yummy cum up inside me, then so be it. Last night after taking his cum, I stood up and looked in the mirror and saw his hand prints on my big heavy milf tits. I turned and saw red whelps patterned all over my round ass and new I had been given the spankings and pain I so adored and it was done so well. Proud of my aftermath I got on the tub and played with my pussy after a long night of being a submissive mommy!

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