Ride Me On Your Harley

Fantasy Phone Sex Lillian

I want your hands to wrap around my neck the way they wrapped around your handlebars. Your cock to slide inside me while you lay my back against them holding both my thighs high in the air to get deep inside me. The sun shining over us as the clouds float by. Oh fuck babe there’s something about the way you look with that leather jacket and how hard your cock was when I asked to take a ride. You knew I wasn’t just talking about your Harley that’s why you pulled me away from your friends to fuck me all yourself. You know a bitch like me doesn’t always hang outside the bar- so you pulled up at the right time. Stuffing me deep I can feel you’re close to Cumming how you throb deep inside me with each stroke. The way you moan as I tighten my cunt when you dug balls deep inside me sucking my big tits like the thirsty dog you are. I loved feeling you unload your hot cum inside me that afternoon, every roar I hear reminds me of you.

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