Rhonda Sissy Bitch

Mistress phone sexWith my little four-inch dick Mistress Blanche has turned me into Rhonda sissy bitch. She has turned me into a bitch even giving me boobs. Next, she says my little stick needs to be chopped off. I would be better off as a girl because I am no man she says. I don’t want my dick cut off but she is right it is worthless little thing. I have never even had sex with a woman with my dick. I have sucked on yummy pussy with my mouth but never with my dick. Mistress Blanche has me wearing full girl outfits. Wearing makeup and even calls me Rhonda sissy bitch. Mistress Blanche loves to embarrass me. Making sure she humiliates me in front of family and strangers alike. She even made me write this blog knowing how embarrassed I would be telling you all what a bitch she is turning me turning into.

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