Preparing You For Your Date

enema phone sex

I know that you have a first date with a guy soon and that you’re dying to be a sissy slut and let him fuck your pussy, but there’s something you must do first. See, a sissy pussy isn’t the same as an actual girl pussy, so you have to prep it a little bit differently. That’s why you need an enema phone sex call with me before you go out on your date. I will help you with all the prep work so all you get to do is enjoy all of the fun date activities you’re going to experience. Of course, I’m talking about the ones in the bedroom.

Listen, I know that an enema might not be the most pleasant thing in the world for you, but you’ll thank me for it. Trust me on that one. When he pulls his cock out of your pussy and tells you to suck it you are going to want it to be clean. That will make sucking his cock much more pleasant. So, if you want to have a good time on your date, you need to get on the phone with me right now and let me help you.

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