Playing with my mommas toys

kinky phone sex

My parents are both very open and love to show my siblings and me all about life and its wonderful experiences. My mom always had great vibrators and toys. I, of course, was pretty young when I saw my first special toy. My mom told me that was for big girls. I was so sad I couldn’t enjoy that toy that brought mommy so much joy. Every morning and night, I’d hear her moan and groan and yell, “oh yes, that’s so amazing. I was mesmerized and wanted my shout from happiness too. My mommy finally allowed me to indulge in her secret toys after I grew tired of asking. My first time was great. I remember the vibrations sent shock and chills all over my body. My legs began quickly, and I too began to should in pleasure. I’m so into kinky phones, ex, and sharing with you perves my dirty family memories. You know you will be hooked..”

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