Plant Your Seed In Me

impregnation phone sex

I have something to tell you. I know it might be weird to some people, but I totally have an impregnation phone sex fantasy. I love the thought of you fucking me, shooting your seed deep inside me and getting me knocked up. See, it’s not that I really want a baby. That’s not sexy at all. But the thought of what is going to happen to my body while I am pregnant really sets me on fire like you would not believe.

I know that my body is going to change in so many good ways. I’m really looking forward to having my tits grow and swell. I hope they at least double in size. I have heard that they will get really sensitive, too. I can’t wait to have you sucking on my hard nipples. It’s going to be so amazing. And I know that I’m going to get insanely horny. I can’t imagine being any hornier than I am already, but I’m ready for it. I may need to fuck more than one man every day because I just won’t be able to get enough cock. Are you ready to get me pregnant so we can have some kinky fun? I am ready and waiting!

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