Phone Perverts Paradise Playtime

It’s a play date for little girl phone sex and p daddies of the neighborhood. I have been very bad and inviting daddies over during this lock down. I just text the wives and tell them I need their husband. One I called and told her I was having a plumbing issue if she could send her husband over to assist us. Another of the wives I texted explaining that there seems to be something wrong with my stove. Each one got a different story since I know they all talk. The wives are actually happy for their husbands absence at this point. These women aren’t use to having them around and frankly, most of the wives are having affairs anyway. Really, it’s a winning situation for me getting them out of there and to my place where some sweet bald cunts and assholes can better accommodate that pea pod of a daddy dick. When it’s playtime for the fuck crew at my house the p daddies are happy to come give me a hand with ovens for baking a loaf, plumbing that needs unclogging. If I need that small slinky snake to loosen up that clogged cuny it’s a perfect excuse to fuck tight young holes.

Phone perverts paradise

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