Phone Perverts Paradise Dream

phone perverts paradise

I bet ending up on my website feeling like a phone perverts paradise, doesn’t it? I know you’re a pervert…you don’t have to be embarrassed. You should embrace what a fucking freak you are just like I do. That’s why I have so many sugar daddies who will give me anything I want. Do you think they’d give a boring, vanilla woman the things they give me? I don’t fucking think so. It doesn’t matter what kind of taboo shit they want to do with me. I never say no to them as long as they make it worth my while.

The same thing applies to you. You can call me and I’ll talk to you about whatever you want, but you have to make it worth the time I spend talking to you. I don’t have any limits and you can try to find one, if you want. But you won’t. I’m the nastiest slut on the internet and when you call me, that’s exactly what you’re going to find out. I’m even willing to talk about rape fantasies, ageplay, incest, or even snuff fantasies…you know, all the really nasty shit. Make it worth it for me, and I am all yours.

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