Phone Perverts Paradise Best Describes My World

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to my phone perverts paradise. I am the kinky milf of your wet dreams. And of my husband’s wet dreams. Our sex life is better now that we are older. But I do not really fuck him anymore. Once upon a time, we had a great sex life. Now he is almost 70. And his dick needs Viagra and that is not even a guarantee that he will get hard.

Do not feel sorry for him because I am a slut wife. He loves me because I am a whore. He enjoys watching. Black men, young boys, our sons…it does not matter if he can watch. Last night, I brought home a young stud I met while out for my night run. In the summer, I wait until the sun goes down to run so I do not stroke out from the heat.

The guy I brought home looked older in the dark. He sounded older too. The boy possesses a deep voice, but my guess was that he was still in high school. Not that age matters. This phone sex whore loves taboo fucking. The boy did not care how old I was. Nor did he care that a man old enough to be his great grandpa wanted to watch.

My Husband Likes To Watch

Nothing better for a mature pussy than a teenage cock. Fucking this boy reminded me of fucking my stepsons when they were that young over 20 years ago. This teen boy could out fuck a rabbit. I nicknamed him Thumper. He hammered my pussy so fast, I though he might leave friction burns on my pussy wall. I could see my husband on the couch stroking fast as he watched us. Although the boy was lost in my pussy, he still managed to slam my husband for being too old to satisfy his hot wife.

Normally, a young boy just keeps his mouth shut while he fucks me. But this boy got into teasing my husband for having a limp dick in the presence of such a sexy phone sex milf. This boy, I wanted to keep. I hope he will be back. Most boys come back for more of this mature pussy. My husband got a tasty treat after the boy left. My husband is the best.

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