Pearl Necklace

Hottest phone sex That set of diamond earrings really earned you the blow job of a lifetime. You’ve always spoiled me, but this Christmas was even better! You got me sexy red lingerie and high heels, and surprised me with beautiful diamond earrings. As soon as you placed them in my ears, I slipped on my new heels and squatted down between your legs while you sat on the couch. Rubbing your thighs up and down, I informed you that I still expected another piece of jewelry this year – a pearl necklace. Winking at you and starting to pull down your pants. Your cock was already hard and dripping with precum by the time I got my tongue to it. I blew you so hard and sensually, when you exploded on my chest and neck, it was a thick fat hot load. You really did give me a pearl necklace! Thank you, baby!

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