P-mommy story

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I always let my little whores in training watch as this P-mommy gets fucked so hard by a big white swollen cock. I like to show them a visual of how to get fucked properly. After the visual of course it’s hands on from there. My three little sluts are at the edge of the bed and mommy is on the table laid on her back. My legs are spread open in the air. My favorite client is pounding this P-mommy’s insides with deep hard long thrust. I make my little cum whores play with their little smooth bald cunnys. I need them nice and hot for my client. I want his hard white swollen muscle to ease inside my girls with ease. After mommy gets fucked I let my client have his way with their tight smooth black cunts. Mommy is going to be swimming in dough. He pays top dollar every time he fucks my princesses. They love it to. One is licking his balls. The other is sucking his cock while he is eating the youngest ones pussy. He has bust three nuts into my girls. Since my mini me’s have done such a good job I am going to take them shopping and then home so we can play with each other’s pussy all night long. They enjoy playing with mommy.

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