P-mommy Fuck Fest In The Morning

milf phone sex

I have such naughty milf phone sex tales for your nasty P-men. Last night I was naked at the soccer game and found a new man to dominate me and my little sluts. And I am such an exhibitionist mommy slut. I love that the true p-men and Dom Men know what a coke whore mommy I am and that I will give them sweet young holes.

  I woke up hungover knowing my naked little girl and boy are in the bed with us. Bald cunts and pink hairless cock young and supple and covered with my boyfriend’s juices.  It makes mommy so fucking happy to see that they both are taking care of his hard throbbing cock with those tiny mouths.   I love watching that big fat mushroom head of your cock sliding in and out of wet small mouths. Those tight little asses wiggling up and down making my pussy soaked.

 I can’t help but stick my fingers in tiny rose rosebud ass holes. My head dips down to taste young bald cunny and little cock as my boyfriend is getting his cock sucked by my slut brats. I look forward to him training me and tying me up but right now it’s a fuck fest in mommies bed with her brats.

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