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NNothiLittle girl phone sex

Nothing is to over the top for this P-mommy. I introduce my little whores to all sides of sex. I hold no bars when it comes to exposing them to the real world and what their tight little cunnys are truly made for. Often times this P-mommy invites a trick over and make all three of them watch mommy. Mommy sucks and fucks this John all night long and these little bitches have to lay back on the bed and watch. They must keep playing with thier cunts and also each others. They must not stop! If they fail to abide by my rules then they know what comes next. Mommy sticks a 12 inch Dildo up their tight assholes. This does not go for one it goes for all. If one little bitch whore of mine does not listen then all 3 get punished. This is just how this P-mommy rolls. I have to teach them right. So far so good. They know how to suck a mean dick and get thier cunnys stretched out. I may just stick the dildo up their ass for the fuck of it.

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