Our Little Peep Show!

Orgy Fantasies Me and my roommate put on a peep show for all the sexy neighborhood cock last night! Me and Natasha were sipping wine after work when we got the best idea to watch some porn together. We put on one of my favorite porn movies where this super cute Christian girl gets forced into a gangbang. This porn got me and Natasha thinking it would so fun to play with each other with our curtains and windows wide open! We ran to our room to grab our favorite toys and came back to spread out on the living room couch. I started by licking Natasha’s fingers so she could touch my clit as I started sucking on her pussy lips. She tasted so good, just feeling her clit throb on my tongue made me so fucking wet. It wasn’t long before we had an audience, three guys who were out walking their dogs stopped to watch us play. We told them the front door was open and that they didn’t just have to stand there watching! Two of them came in and started jacking their cocks as me and Natasha sixty-nined, making each other cum! Those cocks were so hard and ready to stuff our cum thirsty fuck holes!

Group Sex

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