No shame in my game

Tight shaved pussy

These tots are driving me insane. I think the benadryll has out done its magic. I need to sedate these brats so I can head out and do my thing. I was able to get one of the dealers I know to stop by and drop off some percs. I crushed them and hid them in their food. Within ten minutes they are knocked out and I am free to do whatever I want. I decide the dealer is the perfect fuck for the night. I bring him into the master room and notice his full attention is to one of the girls. I knew his wicked mind had some devious things roaming. My tight shaved pussy was dripping and I wanted to fuck and wanted to please him. I fucked him hard then I made his inner fantasies come true. We both undressed the brat and she was still in deep slumber. I guided his cock deep in bumhole. She didn’t feel a thing. They were all knocked out cold. His cock creamed so quick. I got down and started lick up his cum from her ass. It drove him nuts.

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