no one is off limits

bald shaved pussy

I pretend I’m a good girl because I am so far from that that it’s laughable. Oh, this bald shaved pussy is for all kinds of fun.

My family moves a lot because my dad has a crucial responsibility in his career.  I’m still unsure what he does exactly, but I know we change location every two to four years around the country. So I never worry about my reputation or what I am letting others think about me. It is interesting how carefree I am, and I don’t mind fucking guys and girls off-limits. When I met my family moved to Norcal, we met up with some family there, and I got reacquainted with my cousin, who I vaguely remember. However, we hit it off and were inseparable. When school rolled around, we were attached at the hip and having a ball, and having classes together. She grew up with her classmates and had a set boyfriend. Connor was so hot I couldn’t stop staring. All I wanted was for him to fuck me. It was hard for me to choose, but when my cunt is ready to go, it doesn’t matter what happens; I will get laid no matter what. Connor was way too easy. All it took was a little flirting, and he begged me to open sesame for this twat.

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