No limits P-mommy Elizabeth

no limits phone sex

“How dirty do you get Elizabeth?” Its something I get asked here on the phone lines and in my life. There’s a new guy I am dating, and he has heard rumors about the blonde milf druggy whore. He seemed to be a decent dome tying me up and spanking me during our sex sessions. I didn’t even make him pay. I was really into him and his big dick.

Then one night as we were smoking some good shit he asked:” how dirty do you get being a p-mommy and all?” I knew that he had only got close to me for one reason. I should have seen this coming. “Do I get a discount for dating you?” I knew he wanted my princess in the next room. I would have to really spoil her because she had been moved out of mommies bed while I pretended to be a nice “Normal” submissive. I will never learn a submissive p-mommy is only good for one thing whoring out her brats and selling her own tight shaved pussy.

I didn’t buck. A week later I stood in front of him as he asked me if I brought him what he desired. My princess was up for the challenge to suck his cock and let him have her holes. It was almost as if she was trying to make mommy jealous for excluding her from the get-go. I swear she at grinned as she pretended to cry that he was hurting her.

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