Naughty nanny fantasies

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It was becoming evident that I turned my boss on a little too much. Within time I got comfortable as can be. I knew the schedules, and I understood every aspect of the families lives. I knew when Mr. Miller would be leaving for golf and when Mrs. Miller would be at a pro event. When Mrs. Miller is out with her friends for a girls night out, I know the tots are fast asleep and I know My boss is watching me like a hawk. I started to wear less and less clothing around him, and I know he’s noticing because he always has a throbbing erection when I pass by him. All the dirty things going thru his mind make me wet as can be. He probably has a little bit of a different scenario. He wants to be safe and secure and make me his little secret. Well in my mind my fantasy involves me calling him out on his impregnation phone sex and his nanny porn. I will tease him till he admits he wants to breed me. Then I will fuck him raw and have his pathetic wife walk in on use boning hard. The cherry on top would be him climaxing while she discovers us fucking. ?


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