Naughty Mommy


No limits phone sex

Do you want me to be your naughty mommy I can if you have been dreaming about it and lusting for it? I want to make you lick my mommy asshole and be my little slave boy. I can make you happy I can make that cock of yours cum so hard that you’ll be screaming for more. I like being a bad girl, and Mommy wants you to be a bad boy. I want you to suck my mommy pussy and eat my mommy asshole because it feels so good. I’m going to dress you up and panties I’m going to make you prance around like a little dancing girl. You’re my fucking slave, and you were made to do sexual favors for me. I own your body; you better believe it. Mommy is always right, don’t you know that? Would you like some of my mommy milk in your mouth? Look at your little hard cock; it wants Mommy so bad. Beg me, beg me for my sweet hot mommy pussy. I will give you the good stuff if you beg hard enough. You know mommy’s in charge of everything, and Mommy gets what Mommy wants. Make my cum guzzling cunt squirt pussy juice everywhere. I know that you are addicted to me, and I know that you have been jacking in my panties.

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