Nanny Nann

porn for masturbation

I started my new job and I already love it. I like taking care of the tots and like seducing their daddy. I can’t help but put the ankle biters to bed and do some snooping.

My curiosity makes me search all thru the miller’s house. I hit the jackpot in Mr. Miller’s office, While they were away at a charity event, I found that he watches porn for masturbation and gets off like that all the time. I saw how frequent he goes on Porn box. I knew I liked him! What caught my eye was all the babysitter porn and nanny porn he was watching. I knew this was going to be a piece of cake. I quickly hatched a plan. I called up my friend because I was horny and I also had something up my sleeve. I was going to plant a video clip of me in his account. I set up my camera made my friend max eat my cunt out and get me excited. Max had no questions to ask; he has been a fuck buddy of mines for a while, so he assumed I was just horny and trying to get off. I was I like his cock it always leaves me wanting more. This time I was picturing Mr. Miller finding this video and I was riding max harder and harder just thinking about how exciting it was going to be. I could hear max excited and ask whats gotten into me. I told him I haven’t fucked in a bit and having the camera record us is making me want to ride you harder. That got him to shut up. I was focusing on the camera and couldn’t wait till I finally get to plant this in his office somehow. I knew I couldn’t submit it to him too quickly, so I kept my composure and kept it in a safe spot till I found the perfect chance to give it to my sexy boss. 

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