Nanny manipulation


I had to grow up quickly and realize that I had much more power than I realized. I figured out the ins and out of the game quite early. I mean youthful usually equal naiveness. I outgrew that phase quite fast. I remember one of my first interviews as a fresh-faced coed trying to live on a college budget. I had an interview with the winslows. They were a white collared family who was well known thru out the city. 

Mr. Winslow tried his hardest not to get his hands in the cookie jar, but he couldn’t resist nasty naughty nanny Nann. I mean who can? You have a young willing slut for the right price. Unfortunately for him, he was getting really cheap on me, and I had to threaten him. 

It was amusing because he had phone sex number his wife found and she blew up on him. Well, can you imagine her finding out her husband was banging the nanny? Nope, it wouldn’t go over so smoothly! That’s for damn sure.

I had plenty of footage of him eating my cunt and fucking him with some massive strap-ons. My threats shut him up and also paid a getaway trip to Europe and fiji. Even some endless shopping sprees too. Phone sex number

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