My New White Stepdad

Daddy phone sexI was introduced to this older white man whom my mom ended up marrying. So I guess now you can call this old ass white man my stepdad. The thing was he had a nice size cock and he knew how to eat pussy. At least that was what my mom said. I later found out to be true. My mom was at work and I was home alone with stepdad. I was just about to head out when I noticed him sitting by the pool. I figured this would be the perfect time to see what all the fuss was about. After all who doesn’t like Daddy phone sex? I had on a small white tee with no bra. My round black tits were poking out and my nipples screamed to be licked. My step dad reached up and pinch one of them before I could even say anything. Damn this would be easier then I thought. I knew right then I was going to be fucking the shit out of him and having my fat brown colored cunt all in his face right there by the pool. He slid my thong down and started to taste this juicy cunt. His 9 inch cock instantly got hard. I bent down and devoured all of his white meat into my mouth. Making sure my big lips grabbed a hold of all of his cock. From the base of that motherfucker right up to the tip. I wanted to suck the soul right out of that white stepdaddy dick. I wanted him to know I was far more better than my mom. I knew he had a lot of money and I wanted in on the action. I rode daddy’s hard pulsating cock until he creampied my cunt with all of his experior white cream nut. I let it dripped out of my slit and stuck two fingers inside and begin to lick it off my hand like a kitty cat. Step dad said he will take good care of me and handed me a hand full of cash. Mission accomplished! I know come tomorrow I am going to fuck him right there in front of my mom. Do you care to call in and listen? Mmmmhmmm I know your dick is hard and you need to rub it out to the sound of us fucking. 

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