My Maid and Her Youngsters

Anal phone sexMy filthy ass maid and her adopted kids tongue fucked and fingered my asshole last night. It was punishment for them not cleaning up my house properly like I had been asking them to do for days. Nina was my maid for 5 years and she lost her home. So, I allowed her and her 2 little young daughters to move in with me and my small ones for free under one condition. That they all cleaned up and did whatever I told them to do. They were my maid and slaves. I needed the extra set of hands around the house, and I knew they would come in handy. They didn’t just have to clean up the house, but they also had to clean up my pussy after I get creampied by my several men at night. The must suck my lactating tits. Suck on my toes. Eat my pussy until I squirt in their face. Suck the cock of any man that comes to my home. I even make the two little bitchy youngsters get on all fours and let guys fuck their tight little assholes. “Oh, fuck yeah this fucking little Mexican cunt feel so good.” “Take this fucking cock little whore.” The youngsters would cry out to their mom. “Mommy please tell them to stop.” “Shut the fuck up you little sluts and take the cock. Or I will put you and your mother out on the street.” I always made sure they did what they were told. Nina was lucky that I was letting her live in my home rent free.  Some nights me and her would fuck on our own together. It was always so good. The way she would eat, and finger fuck my pussy was the best feeling. Even though I treat them like my slaves, life is so much easier with them around.



    • Bradford on May 9, 2022 at 11:09 am
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    People complain about things their bosses do, but I would never complain about you. Damn baby.

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