My Hubby the Shrimp Dick

Mistress phone sex


He wants me to tell him my every move this stupid motherfucker wants me to submit to him or something. I always look at him like, listen here you stupid bitch, I’m fucking your brother do you want me to really be honest about that because you and your small 4-inch cock has no satisfaction added to it. The first time I fucked his brother was when he pissed me the fuck off, and I happened to be horny, but I knew that he could not satisfy me. I knew this motherfucker could not jab me with a big fat dick because he is a small fry. This stupid piece of shit could not satisfy me if he tried to even when he licks my feet even when he puts my toes into his fucking mouth it does nothing for me but make me want to fuck the shit out of his brother. I keep having dreams of riding his brother’s cock right in front of him just to let him know that he cannot do it for me. I am a woman who needs to be satisfied I have a strong need for a big dick, not a small one. My husband’s tiny fucking cock is going to make me divorce him and marry his brother, and that’s just a matter of fucking fact. I am a cum guzzling slut who loves to be in the midst of a big hard boner. I don’t want a tiny little Tic Tac dick that only lasts for two minutes that is not going to be the thing that I need in life. That motherfucker better realize either put on a strap-on or lose me, motherfucker, because I’m fucking your brother and I’m going to keep doing it.

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