My Favorite Boy Toy

Anal Phone Sex

My favorite boy toy is undercover. He hides his need for cock from his girlfriend. I can tell you this, he is the best at licking my ass. All I have to do is bend over and like a puppy he laps away at my asshole, it makes my cock so hard I stroke it while I pinch my hard nipples. When I am ready, I will lay him on his back and stroke my cock on his as he plays with my tits. As soon as his cock starts leaking, I stroke it as I shove the head of my cock into his ass. He doesn’t fight it because he loves it. He loves me fucking him in every position. He is my bitch and he knows it. When I fill him up it makes him cum all over my hand. I just leave my cock in his ass so he can feel my dick pulse as I give him every drop until my nuts are nice and empty.  

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