Mutual masturbation is more than what you got

I love when I find a closet bitch who pretends all they need is Mutual masturbation. They stare at my ladydick like they are hungry and that is all they have been craving to put in their mouth. I notice every time that is why I tease them with my shedick. I make it bounce while you slowly grab it. Once you feel me jerking off you do the same to me.

Mutual msaturbation

I get so very excited, and my lady meat throbs for a wet hole. I won’t just stop at you jerking me off, I want you to taste me. You are a sissy bitch I can tell, “don’t be afraid of my big girly meat baby”. Kiss it for me, you will love it. You slowly lower your face to my ladycock and open your mouth. I grabbed your head and just pushed your mouth right on my cock. You tried to fight back but you didn’t try that hard because I still got my tranny cock deep in your throat. Normally you just watch Porn for masturbation but tonight you busted your load once you tasted my cum filing your mouth up. You did very good sissy whore now you will be addicted. 

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