Mutual Masturbation Is How It Starts

Mutual masturbation is what most want to start with. They love stroking their cocks while I stroke mine or even jacking me off while using their other hand on their own dick.

Mutual masturbation

I will have Porn for masturbation on, because Big tits and asses start to make my cock rise and then all i want is a slutty mouth to suck it. As a sissy I can use you however i want, you open your mouth easily for me. My she-cock twitches when you do that, and I can’t help it. I slam my dick down your throat and you choke on it making your throat squeeze my she-dick more. You love tranny girls and i am the one you belong to. Your wife doesn’t know you beg me to let you suck my cock every chance you get.  When you are fucking your wife and you are deep in her pussy, you think about my she-cock deep inside your man pussy. You pound your wife’s tight shaved pussy just like you like the way I pound you. As she screams for you to fill her up you hear yourself screaming for my nut too. It makes you bust thinking about my she-cock filling you up. We started with Mutual masturbation, and we always finish with me filling your holes up with my big loads of hot gooey cum.

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