Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation

Hello my lovelies. I’m really horny tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to join me with some mutual masturbation? An orgasm is so much better when you can cum together, don’t you think? So are you ready to get things started? I want you to tell me how to touch this hot pussy of mine, while I tell you how to run on your thick shaft for me.

                I want to hear how good it feels while you’re rubbing your dick. The way you have me touching my clit and fingering myself feels amazing. You know just how to get me all set up, don’t you? I want to get in there and suck that fat dick too. I’ll put my tongue all up and down the shaft, twirl it up around the tip and suck the tip, nice and hard, until I hear you moan in complete pleasure.

                After I help get you off, maybe you can return the favor? I want to feel what your tongue feels like deep within my pussy.

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