Mommy Issues

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This phone sex Milf knows that many men have major mommy issues. Now this isn’t a bad thing for me at all. In fact I know where your mommy issues stem from. A mother who was attracted to you and did slightly naughty things around you. Like put her leg up on the side of the tub to shave her hairy bush ( “1960’s Baby let that bush grow!”)  right above her young son’s head. Did I mention he was in the bath naked at the time?? A little boy bathing and every detail of his mothers pussy is imprinted in his mind forever. To the point he is fucking his mother and his mother is sucking his cock, and now every women he fucks he thinks of his own mother, His women have been older, his lust has condemned him. And it’s all Her fault! That’s right his mommy did this to him. She wanted to fuck her son as a little boy, a sweet little man going through his change of life boy, and a teen boy. I bet good money she still wants to fuck him. 


Men with mommy issues come to me for how to phone sex. How do I get mommy to fuck me. How do I stop seeing my mother in every women I fuck? Sometimes me being a stand in mommy slut will do the trick once and awhile. Even adding some Insight into your mommy desires can help too. I am a MILF, a Mom and A woman above all. I can dissect these encounters and tell you if if mommy wanted to fuck you and how you could have forced the situation to your advantage. I often think of the Mother of one of my favorite callers. I wonder why she denied her son her pussy for twenty odd years!  All the almost fucked my son times, all the catching my youngone jacking off and stopping her self  from helping her boy!   How hot it is that!  My pussy tells me that mommy wants to fuck her son still today!  And I think she might be willing to say fuck it now to her resistance of fucking her son since she is older and wiser!  

Love always, 

ELizabeth, Your Milf phone sex whore with zero limits! 


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