Mommy Gets hers!

submissive phone sex

What happens when this Milf gets what she deserves? Read on for this weeks submissive phone sex raunchy tale. 


The truth of it is I work at a low end strip club.  One of the best with virtually no rules and the Police on our payroll. Well they get Sex favors in exchange for letting us be completely nude and do sexual acts for pay in the back room. 


Now there is something you must know. The club owner runs an underground fetish room. ANd The pay can be unbelievable if he invites you over. 


Today his wife and I were going to get coked up and she was going to torture me for an audience. 


The electro sex wands had me cumminga dn pissing all over mysef as she laughed and told me that she knew all my dirty secrets. I had been letting men watch me and my offspring perform sexual acts and now My club owners wife owned me. 

I would be her slave, But as she whispered , my offspring belonged to her now too! 

Be careful what you get mixed up in.

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