Mommy Beths play dates

fetish phone sexBasically this fetish phone sex milf was Abducted in from the doctors office parking lot. I took my brats in for a check up and this masked man decided I was his prime target. He held a knife to my throat as I bucked in my littles.

If I dared scream or my offspring he said he would slit my threat right then and there! He was so hard as he tied me to a pole and began to inspect my hot mommy body.

I offered him anything, I didn’t have much cash, but he could have my beater and a little coke I had under my seat. That wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to use me and make his rape fantasy cum true. But this man wanted a play date of a different variety today!

He took control cut me down and proceeded make me drive him back to my trailer home and give him the mommy and littles fuck show before he fucked each little pussy and boy ass! 

If your a dirty p-man with rape fantasies of a submissive milf I’m your mommy whore!

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