Mixed Juice Fun

Kinky Phone Sex

He was recording me while I was shaking my ass and moving my hand down to my wet fat pussy. Just knowing he was getting rock hard watching me pleasure myself made my sweet pussy run like a river. He sets the camera down on the dresser and walks over to the bed. He is standing right in front of me, gripping his rock hard dick. Without him saying a word I reach for his mouth-watering cock. I open my mouth wide, moving my head down until his throbbing dick is balls deep down my wet throat. I can already feel his pre-cum sliding down the back of my throat, giving me exactly what I have been waiting for. My mouth must have felt to wet and warm for him to stay in any longer, he quickly took his cock out of my mouth, told me to sit back and open my legs revealing my pussy lips smothered in my wetness. He slapped his cock on top of my wet juicy lips, lathering his cock with my juices, hearing his cock slap against my wet kitty made me only dish out more of my juicy goodness to his glazed cock. Without notice he thrust his cock deep inside of my pussy, filling up every inch of my insides. I knew he was about to blow a nice big load. As soon as he came deep inside of me. I got up and sat right on his face. My wet pussy lips resting on his lips. Letting him smell the sweet smells coming from my hot wet naked pussy hole. Our mixed juices coming right out of my warm pussy running right onto his lips seeping inside of his mouth. He opened wide, suction cupping his lips onto my pussy with a firm grip. Before we were done he made sure to lick up every wet drop of our mixed juices.

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