Double Dip My Holes

Kinky Phone Sex

find me a man who knows how to double dip my ass and pussy hole the right way. I want you to work your cock like a grown man is already supposed to know how to work it. See it is not always the size that matters. Do you know how to dip down and dig deep into my pussy? Hitting my g spot making me squirt all over your rock hard cock. I want to squirt so hard on your cock that it drips down to your balls. I want to feel those sticky wet balls slapping on my clit while you are pounding me fast and hard in my everlasting gobstopper of a pussy. I will be begging you not to stop. I can’t help it. When I find a man who knows how to hit that right spot to make me into the nasty little fucking cum slut freak that I am. I will moan to you, begging you daddy, please don’t stop, begging and begging you not to cum, not yet! I want you to save all of that cum, let it build up inside of those man balls because I have somewhere that load needs to go. Now, pull out and whip that dick into this tight asshole that has been so patiently waiting for your arrival. I hope you know how to park in this sexy tight asshole of mine. Let me feel the tip of your dick spread my sweet asshole open. Oh, yeah baby that’s it, now keep inching your way inside. Feel how tight I am? My sweet asshole is hugging onto your hard cock so tight, it feels like it will never let you go. Work your way past all of my assholes tight hugs. You are going to be going balls deep inside of me baby. I want you to start hitting that ass faster, make me the little fucking cum slut I want to be for you! You feel it, don’t you? Your balls tightening up. This is the moment we have been waiting for daddy. Get ready to thrust one good and hard time. Here it comes! Oh yes!!! Get it all out in this cum sluts tasty asshole baby. That is the shit I love.

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