Mean whores

Group sex

My boss had wanted to pay me to give him a performance. He loves sexy bitches and likes watching group sex with hot whores. I agreed that I would fulfill his fantasies if he came through with the amount that I deserved. I had hot friends stop by wearing cute outfits, and we all were there to make him be our little subby slave. We were all taking full advantage of him. He was paying us all to degrade him. My friend Denise and Hailey made sure to make fun of his small cock, and how he couldn’t pay us enough to jerk his cocktail, Weiner much less putting it in our mouths or any of our holes.

The meaner we were, the more money he gave us. Especially me I was able to make him cry practically. It’s a sick fetish, but I genuinely appreciate a short dick fucker who knows his place. I enjoy spending loser money. It’s his fantasy to have sexy whores be mean and degrading.


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