Me & My Bestie Put On A Show For Daddy!

Tight Shaved Pussy

One of my favorite ways to get daddy all hot and horny is to put on a show for him with one of my best cunt licking girlfriends! Me and my friend Alexa loved rushing home after a long day of school to play with my dildo and watch porn. Little did she know that daddy was lurking about the house with his cock out waiting to see what we would do! Once our little twats got wet from watching that filthy porn, we couldn’t stop ourselves from enjoying some mutual masturbation. Alexa felt so good scissoring my twat against hers before we started playing with the toys that daddy got me. Alexa’s tight shaved pussy soaked my face while she sucked my clit and finger fucked me until I came. Daddy was standing in the doorway when I looked up and my cunny throbbed in excitement as I realized we could have hot teen group sex!


    • Jade on April 14, 2023 at 7:04 am
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    I want to finger you and play in your panties!

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