Many Men’s Mistress

Mistress phone sex


My many mistress phone sex men all love me because they know that I’ll treat them in a way that their prudish wives never will.  I don’t have any sexual hang ups, I’m down for whatever!  The fact that you have a woman at home sitting around on her blobby butt and gossiping on the phone while you work hard to provide for her and your family kind of pisses me off for you.

I’ll be real with you, you never should’ve made a boring bitch your bride in the first place.  I know, you were young and thought you were in love and never thought it would end up like this, right?  As far as I see it, most marriages are like that.  It’s all good, that gives me plenty of misters to flirt with and fuck.  I give them the things their wives never do and they give me the dicking that my nympho pussy craves.  

Who cares how many guys I’m fucking at any given point in time, isn’t the only thing that really matters is that I’m banging you, too?  Your stupid life slug isn’t going to be sucking your deserving dick anytime soon, just come over and let me do it for her.  Just don’t think about how many other cocks I’ve had in my mouth in the last 24 hours and you’ll be fine.


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