Loving Mistress For A Good Boy

Mistress phone sex I shove my lovely pussy inches away from your face. You smell my aroma. Your tongue finds the way to my pussy lips. You were such a good boy today. And I am so proud of you. I gave you a rough fucking with my strap on. And you took every moment of it. You relishing in my cruelty and begged me for more. As sadistic as I am I can be just as loving when it comes to good boys like you. Go ahead you have earned the right to munch on my pussy. Face fuck my pussy and I will give you my gift of squirting all over your face for the complete obedience you showed me today. I allow you to have complete control with your mouth and devour my beautiful pussy. You grind on me. Your face buried deep between my wet lips. I moan clamping my thighs around your head. Your tongue fucking my hole. Your fingers vibrating my clit. I can feel you nibbling and biting. You make my body tremble in pleasure. I grab on tightly to the pillow feeling my pussy explodes in your face. I hear you groan. You keep face fucking my pussy making me explode again in your face. I hear you asking permission to cum and I freely give you that permission. I watch you cum and fall back on the bed. I lean in softly to kiss you. I whisper into your hear “good boy Mistress is proud of you.”

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