Liquor store run

Blonde phone sex

His cock was stiff and my pussy was throbbing. We had the best most nastiest sex ever! I fucked some guy at the liquor store yesterday. I always have sex toys in my purse just in case I get horny on the go. He double penetrated me with his cock in my ass and my vibrating 10 in dildo deep in my pussy his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. I was moaning so loudly scratching him all over his body. The dildo was vibrating his tip through the walls inside of me. We fucked in every position! He pounded my face while I fucked him deep in his ass. I was gagging and choking all over his cock. I could barely even breathe! We had back to back orgasms. I would love to get fucked like that again. I don’t even know him but if I see him again I am sure he will remember me.

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