Let Me Ride Your Candy Cane!

Orgy Fantasies

I went to a Christmas lights display last night and ended up getting a twat full of cum! I guess I was horny and looking for cock when I went to the neighborhood Christmas lights display in my sluttiest skirt and heels. With all the kids running around I figured the night would be a complete waste, I didn’t see any hot daddy’s with their brats in toe. I sucked a candy cane and was thinking about walking home when I saw a hot tall handsome guy staring at me, more specifically my mouth and what I was doing to my candy cane. I stuck my tongue out a little more and winked at him causing him to start walking towards me. I started walking to my car seeing if he would follow, of course he did, I jumped in the back seat and he took the hint. Once we were in the back seat I instantly whipped out his fat dick. It was massive and thick too, I was excited to ride it, my pussy leaking already. I jumped on his cock and started sliding up and down his length, feeling the fullness of being stretched out completely. He grabbed my hair and started slamming me down on his rod, I came so hard I shook all over. He rammed me a few more times before spilling a huge load of cum in my cunt.

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