Let Me Fulfill Your Fetishes

Fetish Phone SexDo you have a dirty little fetish that you would like to fulfill? Then look no further because Noreen would love to help you. I love fetishes. All kinds of fetishes. The kinkier the better. This one guy at work has a foot fetish. And not your ordinary foot fetish either. He likes me to go get a pedicure so that my feet are all smooth and my nails are all pretty and pink. Then he likes me to rub his dick with my feet. And I mean rub his dick until he shoots his load all over my toes. And then when my feet are covered in his warm gooey cum, he takes my feet and licks his sperm off of my feet, making sure to lap up every last drop of his cum. Of course, that gets his dick hard again and we start the entire process over again. Sometimes it can go on for hours. I don’t mind, because between the foot jobs I make him get between my legs and eat my sweet bald pussy until his face is covered in my cum. So, if you have any type of fetish you want to play out you just give me a call and we can make it happen.

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