Let Me Be Your Mistress

mistress phone sex

I’m feeling a little bit like I could go for mistress phone sex right now. I don’t want the commitment of a romantic relationship, but I do love sex and being treated like a Queen. You know that the mistress always gets treated way better than the stuck-up wife. We get oral sex. We get presents. We get taken out to nice dinners and stay in nice hotels with you. Why? Because we actually want to fuck you and we will do anything you want us to do. So yes of course you’re going to treat us much better than you treat your prudish wife.

Let’s be real here – how long has it been since your wife let you fuck her in anything other than the missionary position? It’s been a while, right? And I’m sure you can’t even remember the last time she put your delicious cock in your mouth, can you? Baby, you won’t ever have to worry about that with me. I’ll be the best mistress you could ever hope for. You’ll never want for anything sexually and I know you will be sure to make sure that I am well taken care of in every way, too.

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