Landlord Got A Big Surprise

I was caught off guard when I walked into my condo and my landlord was inside. He said there was a weird noise coming from the pipes so he had to check, and it would only be a few minutes longer. While I had my back turned, he came behind me and grabbed me. He started groping my tits and telling me how he has been watching me and wanted to see what my pussy feels like. He then slid his hands down in between my legs.

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The shock in his face when he felt my she-cock made me laugh. He froze and that is when i told him that it was going to be me who was going to do the fucking. I lifted my skirt and showed him my big surprise. He didn’t know I was a tranny chick and much stronger than his old ass. I pushed him to his knees as I slapped him with my she-dick and forced his mouth on my dick. I grabbed his head and faced fucked him until my dick started leaking pre-cum. That is when I pushed him down and pulled his pants up. He could not believe what was happening, but his hard dick told me he liked it. I spread his legs and rubbed my tranny dick oh his tight man pussy. As i pushed my dick inside him i told him how he better think twice before he thinks he can fuck anyone he wants. I pounded him hard while jacking his cock off until I filled him up. Him feeling my nut pumping inside him made him cum and I pointed his cock to his face, making sure he filled his face up with all his nut.


    • Chris on July 6, 2022 at 8:46 pm
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    oh yeah! I’ll take that beautiful she cock in my boy pussy anytime baby!

    • Fatty on July 7, 2022 at 10:25 am
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    I bet he knew and loved it, babe.

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