Kidnapping Mommy Fun

phone perverts paradise

I am the kinky P-Mommy that my phone perverts paradise men love! Why, Because I have stories like my mothers day weekend surprise. I was sucking my dealers dick for a gram of white stuff, wink wink. When Two big men chloroformed me and threw me in a car and I woke up in a dark room duck taped and lit by candles. Who did I see but my son with his dick hard in my face as he told me that he and lil’ sis had a big surprise for me. He then pointed to his sis and three of her tiny tyke friends. Lal in nothing but cute little panties  rubbing each other. Then all five brats came over to me and pissed all over this naked mommy telling me happy mothers day. I must admit the bondage and cute littles pissing on me made me so fucking horny. My hands stayed tied as wet panties were put in my face for me to slurp piss from pantie covered cunnys and my underwear clad boy. Within seconds they were all naked rubbing dicky and cunnys all over mommy. My legs we spread and I was treated to the best pussy eating ever. One after another all got mommy to cum and they slurped me so well. My son even gave me baby batter as he put it so mommy can pop out another playmate. Can not wait to see what they have planned for today.

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