July fourth fun

bald shaved pussyThis naughty nanny scored some brownie points that for sure. One of the couples that I nanny for had help out with the tots for the July 4th get together. I knew what I wanted I was focused on that raise and I knew a blowy out in the backyard would have my boss willing to shell out. I put the ankle biters to sleep a little benadryl cocktail and they were knocked out cold. It was barely 7pm but everyone was buzzed. I got my boss to shy away from his party guest and brought him way out back where no onlookers could see I got him to drop his pants I wanted to show him what my mouth could do. I got to playing with my bald shaved pussy and rubbing it and by the sight of me being naughty his cock was twitching hard. I got him to cum and I swallowed like a good slut and even showed him. I didn’t have to wait for that raise I got it instantly.

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