It’s time to get back to things and I have had quite the adventurous summer. I threw a huge orgy fuck fest party while the Millers were away. I also went back home to visit my mom and her new husband. Her new husband was a rich tech guy and he was practically undressing me with his eyes. We didn’t get thru dinner without him playing footsies with me. I knew I could swindle some money from the loser. I let him come on to me while I was wearing my dolce and gabana hot pink bikini. I told him I would give him a blowy if he would pass the benjamins over my way. It was too easy. Once I did that I was able to black mail him to give me more. All it too was one cum shot in my mouth to make him hand over a weekly bonus.  I didn’t even have to indulge in his phonesex games. I save that for the guys who I actually like.

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