In The Closet Submissive Men

Mistress phone sexI brought me home a delicious little treat for my pussy and ass to devour. Bill is one of my submissives. He is not one of my sissy bitches submissives but still loves cock just as much. His dick sucking skills are off the charts. I love having him get the guy I am about to fuck nice and rock hard before I have my dominant way with him. Jerry the guy I brought home told me he was not sure if he was a submissive or a sissy. I chuckled softly and replied with “I can help you with that.” He said he could tell by watching me I was a very strong dominant woman and that aroused him. He says his wife wants him to be the man of the house and make all the decisions. Secretly he wants to get on his knees and have her rule over him. But he is too scared to tell her these things. I made him beg for an hour for me to treat him this way even tho I had made my mind up in the first ten minutes that I was going to take him home. I love married “in the closet.” submissive men. Send them home so their wives can smell me.

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